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  • 15h
  • From 4/12/2019
  • Assessments
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About the course

The community health volunteer can contribute to health promotion in rural communities where there is no access to clean water, basic sanitation and adequate hygiene. Empowering local agents to observe, detect and act on the problems encountered is one of the contributions of this module. 


To promote the social role of community health volunteer in rural areas in order to promote changes in health practices among their community.


Unity 01 – Reception 

Unity 02 – Knowing the Public Health system in Tanzania 

Unity 03 – Principles of activity of community health volunteer in rural locations

Unity 04 – Knowing the most prevalent diseases in the community 

Unity 05 – The routine community health volunteer activities in rural locations 

Unity 06 – The community health volunteer in rural areas and the different methods of communication.

Unity 07 – The importance of data capture through community health volunteer in rural location.

Unity 08 – Identify the most common illnesses in a rural community with lack of basic sanitation and drinking water restricted 

Unity 09 – The community health volunteer in rural locality and their motivation.

Unity 10 – Closing 


How we organize

METHODOLOGY: The course is offered from recorded videos in rural areas of Tanzania, with the participation of local actors themselves. 

There is also a booklet to support health volunteer. The evaluation takes place at the end of the course, with multiple-choice questions. ​​

RESOURCES: Video lessons recorded in rural locations and PDF